About the Piper Law Office

A Trial Law Office in Knoxville, Tennessee

Some lawyers and law offices are known by the advertisements and marketing campaigns which they run. Other lawyers and law offices are known by reputation through the results they have achieved, and by providing a high level of advocacy to their clients. Jack W. Piper, Jr. seeks to be known by the reputation he has built with his current and former clients.

Bank of America BuildingAt the Piper Law Office we consider the attorney/client relationship to be one of utmost trust and importance. We place high value on maintaining the confidence of our clients so that we may assist them at crucial times in their lives. This trust is what motivates us to render the best possible legal representation, and to act in our clients’ best interests at all times.

Why You Should Hire a Trial Lawyer

Some lawyers and law offices have developed a reputation for seeking a quick settlement of a claim for a modest or even low value. Some have attributed this tendency to the burden of the high cost of advertising which must be met each month and which dictates a quick resolution to meet the cash flow demands. Unfortunately for the client, this may translate into the client receiving less than fair value for the claim.

Jack W. Piper, Jr. will not rush a case to settlement, and will not pressure a client to settle the claim for less than is deserved. This insures that the client will receive fair compensation for the injuries that the client has sustained. You can also be assured that liability insurance companies and the attorneys whom those companies hire to defend their insureds are well aware of the disposition of the plaintiff’s lawyer in this regard, and that knowledge will have an impact upon the value placed upon your claim.

Maximizing the Value of Your Case

Jack W. Piper, Jr. prepares each case for trial and is willing to take it to trial if that is necessary to obtain the full compensation you deserve. He handles all types of personal injury cases, including: car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian-vehicle accidents, construction accidents, slip and fall accidents, and accidents resulting in wrongful death.

The Piper Law Office is dedicated to all of its clients, without regard to the type of case that may be involved. Whether your case is one in which you are seeking to be compensated for injuries sustained, or of a different sort, Jack W. Piper, Jr. will work to maximize the outcome, and act at all times in your best interest.


Jack W. Piper, Jr. has the legal experience and determination to achieve the result you want. Contact the Piper Law Office today to learn how we can help you.